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Don't throw your old human hair extensions/ wigs away just yet, our Thermal Wig pouch offers you an easy wig revamp at home.

Increase effectiveness of hair deep conditioning: Heat helps the conditioner penetrate the hair follicle much more effectively taking your wig deep conditioning and oil treatments to the next level.

High quality, waterproof fabric : The outer material is made of waterproof fabric and drawstring closure. The waterproof fabric is designed for easy cleaning. Drawstring closure design fits most head types, hair volume and length. The lining fabric  is made of waterproof fabric.

Consistent and even heat distribution:  It adopts silicone heating wire (carbon fiber heating wire) and non-woven flame retardant treatment. It will make your wig evenly heated and promote the conditioner to be completely absorbed by the wig.

Built-in temperature controller, double power-off protection: When the temperature reaches 60 degrees, the  thermistat automatically disconnects the power supply, avoids high temperatures and generates hidden problems. When the temperature is  below 30degrees, it will automatically continue heating.

Great for traveling

Eco friendly: Reusable

Temperature: 30% - 60%

Expiration date: 2 years 

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